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Watch the historic interview with Ed and Dag Spicer of the Computer History Museum in California as Ed recounts his time at APF Electronics

Ed Smith is a renowned African American vintage video game and personal computer designer.

Ed's story of overcoming insurmountable odds growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York during the 60s to eventually design video games and personal computers is shared around the world

This site hosts photos, audio podcasts and video interviews with Ed Smith and many of the prominent historians in vintage gaming and computing technology.

Ed's current passion around technology consulting is shared for those who seek to gain insights across IT, HR and Vintage Gaming


The original advertisement for The Imagination Personal Computer - the only hybrid video game/PC ever designed 

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Watch the 2021 podcast from the Strong National Museum  of Play where Ed is interviewed by the video game curators 

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Get a copy of Ed's inspirational story - Imagine That! Here

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